Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician: A Comprehensive Method Book for Year One and Beyond is a field-tested, vital, and—most importantly—musical collection of 225 sequenced exercises for the beginning band student with…

     • Supplemental rhythm vocabulary sheets

     • Accompaniment tracks

     • Video start-up clinics

     • Professional video coaches


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This new resource incorporates Habits Universal Interactive,
a cutting-edge online component featuring…

 • A backend gradebook allowing students to submit video recordings of their performances as a primary source of assessment.

 • The gradebook is compatible with PowerSchool, Canvas, Google Classroom, Brightspace, Edmodo, Schoology, and many other platforms

 • Video exercises led by an experienced instructor for each individual instrument (Meet your instructor today!)

 • Online resource sheets ranging from rhythm and fingering charts to solfege and rehearsal exercises.

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Habits of A Successful Beginner Band Musician is terrific for every band director looking for a comprehensive beginning book. This book walks directors through the first 10 days which are so crucial to establishing a great foundation. It also varies from the usual Bb approach introducing chromatic notes earlier and making those concepts easier for students. I would have LOVED to have a book like this when I first began teaching beginners decades ago!! Well worth the investment!!

Susan Waters
Director of Bands,  W. H. Oliver Middle School, Nashville, Tennessee

“I have loved using Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician with my first-year players!  The curriculum sequence is very logical and does not move too quickly.  I really appreciate the “First Days of Instruction” portion because it gives teachers a strong sequence of concepts to introduce in those crucial opening days.  I also really appreciate the individual instrument pedagogical reminders/insights throughout the book.  Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician gives first-year students a strong foundation.  I am thrilled with it!”

Christine Wolf
Director of Bands, Central Davis Junior High School, Layton, Utah

“We have been piloting Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician this year with our 6th graders and it is simply fantastic! An innovative book that starts students in Solfege and reading rhythms right off the bat. One of the many things I love about Habits is the PERCUSSION (snare) parts are APPROPRIATE for the level, and go through a concept for several book lines for reinforcement – this is huge! This would be a great option for seasoned band directors who are looking for new content, or a first-year band director finding the right method book.”

Tara Melvin
Director of Bands, Awtrey Middle School, Kennesaw, Georgia

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